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Our Speciality

1.- Vendor Program

Our experienced team of professionals has successfully created and executed various Vendor Programs from leading manufacturers, leading wholesalers and distributors in their industries, supporting them in creating comprehensive financial solutions to create, accelerate and enhance their sales.

Under a Vendor Program we become your financial allies, working together to create specific and differentiated business strategies for each sector you serve (small, medium-sized, and large corporations), always supported by our alliances with the main banking and leasing institutions.


The main challenge is to bring financial sources closer to this sector, which is truly relevant to the economy. We advise your clients, both financially and operationally, to find the best alternatives that adapt to their requirements and contribute to the challenge of triggering their potential and productivity.


For this sector, it is essential to have financial alternatives that provide the highest level of service in terms of response time, conditions and tailor-made solutions. Taking this into consideration, we have the right partners to meet and exceed the expectations of your clients.

Wholesalers and Distributors

We understand the importance and value that you add to the marketing environment. Therefore, it is essential that you have access to short-term financing options that allow you to acquire inventories to face your projects without compromising the expected profitability and the flow of the company, in addition to fulfilling, in time and form, your payment commitments with manufacturers and wholesalers.

2.- Bussiness Financing

FMV Lease

Contract by which the lessor (source of financing) grants the use and enjoyment of the good to the lessee (client) in exchange for the payment of a rent.

- At the end of the contract term, you have three options: 1) Return the equipment, 2) Extend the term of the contract, or 3) Buy it at FMV (Fair Market Value).
- Recommended for rapidly obsolete equipment. (Technology in general)
- It is registered as an expense.
- 100% deductible income for ISR purposes.
- It allows technological renewal every certain period.
- The legal and accounting property of the good belongs to the lessor.

Finance Lease

Contract by which the lessor (source of financing) grants the use and enjoyment of the good to the lessee (client) in exchange for the payment of a rent composed of capital and interest. From the beginning, the value of the purchase option is agreed. Desde un inicio se pacta el valor de la opción de compra.

- At the end of the contract term, the purchase option is exercised at a reduced value previously agreed in the contract. It is generally 1%.
- Recommended for long-lasting equipment (machinery in general, medical equipment, etc.)
- It is an on-balance sheet debt.
- The good is recorded within the asset.
- The rent is composed of capital and interest.
- Tax is deducted via depreciation and interest is deductible.
- The legal property of the good belongs to the lessor and the accountant belongs to the lessee.

Sale and Lease Back

Ideal strategy for obtaining immediate liquidity and maintaining the use and enjoyment of the good through the sale of equipment or machinery owned by the client to the lessor.

Simple Credit

Loan of a certain amount, in the short or long term, with the guarantee of either a movable or a real estate property for the acquisition of an asset, raw material, inventories or working capital.


Instrument that allows invoices to be converted into immediate liquidity in order to be able to cover demand expenses in the truly short term or to develop new business opportunities.

3.- Asset Management (OSAA)

OptimalVE Asset Management Services (OSAA for its acronym in Spanish) is our division specialized in providing a comprehensive end-to-end solution throughout the life cycle of leased assets through risk analysis, management, administration and control of these. Our objective is to contribute to maintaining the efficient operation of the business during the life of the financing and to achieve a successful conclusion that preserves and even increases the expected profitability. With OSAA we offer you:

- Analysis and Valuation
- Attention and service in EOL (End of Lease)
- Remarketing
- Asset Management
- Portfolio Management